22 October, 2013

An Apology

To all my dear readers!

I owe you an apology for my lack of posts in this blog, for over the past few...  years!
I've been busy doing nothing, "in progress" economic recession has given me an excuse to be lazy. 
Today I discovered that my blog had filtered the comments posted by you, throwing them directly into spam folder. My work has been shamefully sloppy, and for that, I am very sorry!
I’ve been letting my home life get in the way of my hobby and for that I am not sorry, as only two months per year that I spent with my family is all I have precious in my life! The rest of the time I am far away, doing what I learn in my school years - being an engineer.
Unfortunately, life on the sea is not greeting me with too many rewarding subjects to be photographed, my inspiration is the sun and the sea.
Starting Monday, I promise that things will improve.Thank you for your patience so far. 

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